TLDR: With the Complete AWS Dev and Ops Certification Training Bundle, you can get started on the career track toward an in-demand, six-figure job as an AWS IT pro.
If you could land a job making $130,000 a year, but it meant you needed special certification, it makes sense that youd be willing to invest some time and effort into getting that certification. 
Thats the current average salary of an AWS-certified IT pro and its one of the highest-paying jobs requiring certification in all of North America these days.
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This four-course, nine-hour package is an intensive deep-dive into the exact topics that will be on the all-important AWS Certified Development and Operations Engineer Professional exam.
Your four-part training begins with a thorough introduction to core tenets of contemporary DevOps, including continuous integration, delivery concepts and automation; before moving into understanding Amazon CloudWatch features for overall system monitoring, custom metrics and best practices for tasks like logging files.
Further training covers the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, which allows security controls over authentication and authorization of users on the AWS platform. Finally, students learn elasticity and scalability best practices on AWS for crafting structurally-sound, fast-moving systems that can automatically adjust themselves.
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Prices are subject to change.