Its policy on manipulated media went into effect March 5th
Twitter screenshot
Twitter has applied a manipulated media tag to a doctored video of former Vice President Joe Biden that was shared by White House social media director Dan Scavino and retweeted by President Trump, according to Washington Post reporter Cat Zakrzewski. Its believed to be the first time the platform has used the tag to denote faked media.
Twitters ban on faked pictures, video and other media deceptively shared went into effect March 5th. The policy covers synthetic and manipulated media likely to impact public safety or cause serious harm including sophisticated deepfakes as well as other content that has been deceptively edited.
Twitter has said it would ban repeat offenders who violated the policy, and label tweets as manipulated.
Twitter spokesperson Catherine Hill confirmed to The Verge in an emailthat this Tweet was actioned based on our Synthetic and Manipulated Media policy.
We reached out to the White House and the Biden campaign for comment and will update if they respond.
Update: March 8th, 6:48 PM EST: Adds confirmation from Twitter