• Riot Games Valorant borrows elements from Counter-Strike and Overwatch.
  • Valorant will balance personality and gameplay, something Overwatch has struggled to do.
  • Will Valorant overtake Overwatch? Twitch streamer Pokimane thinks so. And shes absolutely right.

Riot Games upcoming shooter, Valorant, teases a brilliant mixture of Counter-Strikes tactical gaming with Overwatchs personality and abilities. Whats not to like?
This League of Legends follow-up is a surefire hit, but can it actually overtake Blizzards baby?
Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane thinks so, and boy is she on the money (remarks start at 12:00):
Pokimane: Overwatch Is Already in Decline
As first reported by Dexerto, Pokimane revealed her thoughts about Valorant during a recent podcast.
She says it could be the Overwatch Killer:
[When I think about] Overwatchs decline, this is just going to be the last nail in the coffin really.
Months from Valorants summer release, shes right that Overwatch has fallen even without Riots competition. As of February, the game wasnt even in the top 10 viewed games on Twitch. Its holding spot #19 as of this writing.
Diversity is great, but Blizzard cant balance its new characters. | Source: Overwatch
Then theres Overwatch Leagues decline. The pro scenes opening weekend this year had an audience of just 63,505 viewers, down from 97,168 from the year before.
Valorants Widespread Appeal
At release, many praised Overwatch for its diverse cast and fleshed out characters. But fans slowly fell off as Blizzards new characters changed the meta-game.
These days, everyone plays the same roles if they want to win. In short, the game has grown stale.
Valorants Agents will have that same diverse personal appeal. Only it seems Riot Games will be much more careful with each gameplay addition. After all, the groups past title, League of Legends, has hundreds of heroes its not like they havent done this before.
The game mimics elements of Counter-Strike, which should work in its favor. Valves breakout competitive shooter still brings in millions of viewers. Thats because it has hardly changed.
Valorants similar foundation will bring in that same crowd. And it will do so with personality, something Counter-Strikes characters lack.
Counter-Strike is good fun but looks oh-so generic. | Source: Steam
Of course, this is all speculation. Overwatch can easily remain on the charts, especially with a sequel coming. But Pokimane is probably right, and Riot Games expertise is not something to overlook.
Well know for sure come summer.
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