Plus Taika Waititi as a cult leader
Image: Sony Pictures Animation
I spent last week watching through the new High Fidelity, Hulus adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel (and, more importantly, an update to the much-loved John Cusack film). The show was largely shot around where I live, so it was kind of just cool looking out for places I know. Shout out to my local pizza shop for the brief cameo.
Something that I kept thinking about while watching the new series is how much has changed since the movie came out. Where knowing endless music trivia was once the realm of passionate nerds, its now weirdly commonplace thanks to the internet. You cant really write a cool conversation about some niche genre because chances are a wide swath of people already know everything about it. That makes the whole conceit a little harder to pull off.
Its also possible that theres just a specific audience for this story, and thats an audience of people coming up alongside the artists being referenced and still learning everything about music themselves. Looking back at some clips of the 2000 film, nearly all of the musical references I caught were fairly mainstream stuff I easily recognize now, but would have been clueless to as a teenager. I still love the vibe of High Fidelity, I just dont know that it can be recreated once youve already been there.
Check out nine trailers from this week below.
Artemis Fowl
After an extended delay (the first trailer for this movie came out in 2018), Disney is finally putting out its adaptation of the 2000s book series Artemis Fowl. This trailer flashes through tons of shiny-looking sequences that suggest therell be plenty to gawk at, even if some core elements of the story look a little goofy (apparently a lot has been changed from the books, and fans arent pleased). The film comes out May 29th.
I was so ready to hate this, but Connected looks extremely cute and the animation is wonderful. The movie is produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and comes out September 18th.
Theres another cryptic trailer out for the Janelle Monáe sci-fi movie Antebellum, which seems to have Monáe playing a character who slips back and forth between being a modern-day activist and an enslaved woman in pre-Civil War America. It comes out April 24th.
Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Never Rarely Sometimes Always is about a girl from Pennsylvania who has to travel to New York to get an abortion because shes unable to get one at home without parental consent. The Sharon Van Etten song that scores the trailer certainly helps you feel something fast, but I think this movie would look like a super emotional coming of age story even without it. The film comes out March 13th.
Ella Fitzgerald Just One Of Those Things
A new documentary is coming up about jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, featuring interviews with Smokey Robinson, Norma Miller, and Fitzgeralds son, among others. It comes to theaters starting April 3rd.
Banana Split
This starts out looking like a tired rom-com, but it quickly turns into something a lot more interesting: a story about two teenage girls becoming friends in spite of the guy who comes between them. It comes out March 27th.
I Know This Much Is True
Mark Ruffalo stars in HBOs adaptation of the Wally Lamb novel I Know This Much Is True. I hadnt heard of the book before now, and all I can say is that it sounds exceptionally dramatic and seems to have way too much going on. The limited-series adaptation starts April 27th.
Warner Bros. has a new take on Scooby-Doo on the way that looks pretty… fine. Its a kids movie through and through, but Ill give it that the Netflix jokes in the middle are pretty good. The movie comes out May 14th.
Seven Stages To Achieve Eternal Bliss
Taika Waititi has a small but ridiculous role in this wonderfully ludicrous-looking comedy about a cult obsessed with a very specific bathtub. It comes to some theaters on March 6th and starts streaming later in the month.