Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren suspended her campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday.
And with that, it seems her dog, Bailey, is officially done being a very good boy.
Bailey was a fixture on Warren’s campaign as the progressive firebrand criss-crossed the country over the last year to make a case for bold, structural change and anticorruption reforms.
As Warren took the stage at jam-packed rallies and spoke to voters at local establishments, Bailey was frequently at her side to greet supporters, take selfies with them, and brighten their day with his cheerful, upbeat demeanor.
Even on Thursday, as Warren prepared to announce she was dropping out of the presidential race, Bailey was spotted observing all the action from a window in Warren’s home.
Now that the Massachusetts senator is officially out of the running, Bailey is also letting loose.
A video posted to Twitter by the user Gabrielle Farrell shows Bailey swiping a burrito out of someone’s hand, followed by several people frantically trying to get the golden retriever to let go of the burrito.
Nevertheless, he persisted.
—Gabrielle Farrell đŸ’« President Warren 2020 (her/s) (@FarrellGabriell) March 5, 2020
It’s unclear if Bailey was ultimately successful in stealing the burrito, or who he took it from, since the person’s face isn’t visible in the clip.
There are several possibilities behind Bailey’s motivation. 
—darth™ (@darth) March 5, 2020
As one Twitter user suggested, he could be the wronged party here.
—David S. Bernstein (@dbernstein) March 5, 2020
Bailey’s been working really hard and deserves, nay, is owed, a break.
—R. Eric Thomas (@oureric) March 5, 2020
Bailey the (furry) chaos agent.
—Dartunorro D. Clark (@DartDClark) March 5, 2020
But the most likely possibility, as this Twitter user noted, is that Bailey is just following in his mom’s footsteps to secure his place in the annals of history.