Work can play an important — and sometimes negative — role in your mental health.
Nearly half of American workers say their job has caused them stress or other mental health issues, according to the HR company Paychex, and many millennials quit work altogether if they get too burned out. 
Some companies can cause employees more stress and unhappiness than others. Blind, an anonymous professional social network, released a report on the companies with the unhappiest employees. Blind surveyed more than 10,000 users on its site from December 9 to December 31, asking how many felt “happy” versus “unhappy” at work. Blind users come from a variety of different industries, including tech, finance, health, and retail.
According to Blind’s professional network, WeWork, JPMorgan Chase, and cloud-computing company Nutanix employed the largest number of unhappy workers.
Some of the companies that show up on the list are no surprise. The coworking company WeWork faced internal and external criticism for its culture of overwork and partying. Tech and finance jobs more generally tend to work employees late, though they offer full-time workers benefits like paid time off and healthcare.
Here are the 15 companies with the least happy employees according to Blind’s survey, along with average salaries from Payscale. In each company, over half of the employees surveyed by Blind said they were unhappy: