The Takeaway: If only there was some way to accurately summarize the presidents attitude towards Martin Luther King. If only.
What Happened: Its onand by it we mean the impeachment trial of President Trump. The Senate began the process last week, proving that justice often moves really, really slowly.
What Really Happened: Welp, the Senate is finallygettingaroundtoitstrialofPresidentDonaldTrump. Its been a long time coming.
The opening day of the trial on Tuesday lasted almost 13 hours, and that was before it got down to the nitty-gritty. Instead, those hours were spent discussing the rules and setting up what was to come. Oh, and having somegrandstandingthatwascertainlyintendedtobeimpressive from the presidents defense team, even if the execution was somewhat lacking.
It didnt just fail to play to the outside world, it was also rebutted quite capablyif surprisinglyby one of the impeachment managers from the House of Representatives.
If that last line sounded familiar, itshouldhave.
Given howlatetherulesforthetrialwereunveiled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, it was hardly a surprise that there were a lot of proposed amendments to be worked through before business got started. Eleven of them, in fact.
If this seemed like a trend, well it was. That seems to be howpartyloyalty works these days.
Eventually, at an impressively late 1:50 AM, the rules were passed by the Senate.
After the marathon session on Tuesday, the world struggled to catch up, which may not have been the best sign for the way the rest of the trial was about to go for the Republicans.
Well, thats not good for those defending the president, but at least he wasn’t going on television and saying something regrettable.
Oh. Following that surreal, lengthy, partisan first day, arguments began on Wednesday and have continued ever since. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff impressedmanybycalmlylayingoutthesimple, damningfacts and dropping in someAlexanderHamilton, but the Republicans were ready for him. Kind of.
We’d say expect this one to run and run, but it turns out Republicans wanttowrapitupfast.