Aluminum frames make these snowshoes lightaround 35 ounces eachand steel crampons underfoot make them tough enough to stomp over gravel and boulders without losing their edge. The mesh bindings wrap around nearly any size of boot to grip snugly and uniformly without any blister-causing pressure points.
The Purist is a packable but protective shell for when winds, snow, and rain are heaviest. The three-layer jacket is spun from a waterproof but breathable membrane that’s lighter and softer-feeling than other hydrophobic fabrics. The coat also has an overabundance of pockets for things like headphones or bags of trail mix.
Carrying a naked phone into the frozen outdoors can permanently hurt its ability to hold a charge. Clothe it in Phoozy’s thermal pouch, which insulates and protects the device while extending its battery life. It won’t block cell, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals either.
Photograph: Peter Belanger
Pick a mapped backcountry route to conquer, or navigate on the fly using the color touchscreen of this GPS-equipped smartwatch. Heart rate and movement are monitored on the trail; stress levels and sleep quality are tracked 24/7. Select one of its 80 modes to collect data on almost any sport activity, snowshoeing included.
Photograph: Peter Belanger
Your feet might be your most essential outdoor tools, so coddle them. The waterproofed leather on Vasque’s rugged kicks keeps droplets from soaking through to your socks as you march through snow. Thinsulate, a synthetic alternative to goose down, adds warmth. A nub on the heel helps grip a snowshoe strap.
Stylist: Heather Rosner
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