With World of Warcrafts Visions of NZoth patch, players are actively battling through Battle for Azeroths final raid: Nyalotha, the Waking City. Over six days, the worlds best guilds already took down 11 of the raids 12 bosses in the race to worlds first. But when the American guild Complexity Limit took on NZoth, the final boss, it discovered a bug that broke the Old God for World of Warcraft players across the country.
The reset seems due to a bug, but players still arent positive exactly what happened just that NZoth was behaving strangely. At 60% health, NZoth spawns a giant portal at the back of the arena and goes immune beckoning everyone inside for another phase of the fight. But during one of Limits attempts, the boss seemingly forgot to use his immunity shield at the right time.
Instead of jumping into the portal to continue the fight like normal, the team at Limit just started damaging the boss instead until it went from 60% health, to 25% health. At 25%, NZoth remembered his shield, and the team piled inside the portal like normal. All that may not sound too bizarre, but taking a Mythic boss from 60% health to 25% health with almost no resistance is very strange indeed.
After killing a mini-boss inside the portal, the team returned to NZoths arena to find that he had disappeared. After looking around the arena, wondering if this was some elaborate trick in the fight, the team discovered the boss had reset meaning the boss disappeared before dying, and Limit would need to start over again.
A boss resetting isnt the most bizarre thing, but a boss resetting for an entire region is something else. According to Limit, every instance of NZoth despawned at once when he reset during its pull. Players attempting to kill the boss on any difficulty lost all progress if they happened to be fighting NZoth at the same time.
It seems Blizzard reset NZoth to prevent Limit from beating him too easily. And in the process of resetting him, accidentally reset the boss globally for NA servers. Weve reached out to Blizzard regarding the reset. The studio has yet to comment on the ordeal.
When NZoth reappeared for Limit, everything was working normally again. Players and teams around the world are still attempting to beat NZoth on Mythic difficulty with Limits best, non-bugged attempt at 57% health. Fans and participants are currently debating if the boss is possible without more gear, which players can earn more of after the raid resets for the week on Tuesday.